"A great online assessment tool to use with your local and long distance clients is the DISC Instrument . . . not only do you and your clients get a great assessment tool, you make money!"
Wendy Enelow, CPRW, JCTC, CCM

Founder - Career Thought Leaders

"Competitive rates, exceptional learning tools, and outstanding customer service. ProfilingPro is a pleasure to do business with!"
Barbara Safani, MA, CERW, CPRW, NCRW, CCM

Business Owner

"Incorporating DISC into my résumé writing service has been invaluable. Offering my clients an immediate return on their résumé investment is validated when they receive their DISC results within minutes of taking their profile! Clients become further engaged in the process as we commence on our journey with a mutually shared starting point! Using DISC is the "key" to getting to the core behavioral indicators at "hello." 90% of my clients are executives and professionals with Fortune 500 companies. Get DISC...it works!"
Tina Kashlak Nicolai


"Do you want to write résumés faster? Do you want to be able to communicate with your clients (and everyone) better?...The DISC assessment provide a phenomenal report that will help you in all aspects of helping your clients-writing the résumés, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles; coaching, training, and interacting with the client…as a bonus, it will help YOU communicate with your client. My staff and I love the process! Every single one of my clients has really enjoyed learning this information about themselves. Another bonus-Jane and her staff are outstanding to work with. Jane has taken time to meet with my staff and educate them. She is definitely one of the most patient and well-spoken "instructors" I have ever worked with."
Camille Carboneau Roberts

CEO - Specializing in Federal Job Coaching

"DISC profile assessments are an additional service for my clients to help them better understand themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment. A recent client said this about his assessment: I just did a quick review of the assessment. This is right. Unbelievable!!!"
Julie Walraven

Business Owner

"I had been given the DISC assessment years ago and was amazed at how spot on it was in figuring me out. It was like they had been following me with a hidden camera watching my interactions and calculating how I would respond with complete accuracy. So, imagine my excitement when I learned I could use this tool to bridge the gap between client and writer. I use the Value to Organization section as a way to "brand" each client. I had taken a class with Sharon Pierce-Williams and loved the way she pulled phrases right off the DISC and highlighted them on the résumé. She called them Branding Statements." I now include the DISC as part of my services. It is not an add-on. It is my new crystal ball. It decreases time spent figuring out how the client speaks, hears and learns. I am aware of their hot buttons in the work environment and am able to highlight their strengths creating powerful resume results."
Sari Neudorf, CPBA, CPRW

Business Owner

"I love the DISC Assessment and use it with nearly all of my clients. To effectively write an accomplishment-focused, strategic résumé, I "interview" each of my clients to discuss their career challenges, identify their transferable skills, and determine their unique style. I find this particularly challenging when I am working with introverted individuals, as well as those who are somewhat inexperienced in seeking employment and talking about their strengths, weaknesses, and value. The DISC presents this information in a clear, narrative format that clients understand and appreciate and provides a foundation for our discussion. After administering the DISC, it is much easier to develop marketing tools and strategies that will be most effective in helping clients achieve their career goals."
Norine Dagliano, NCRW, CPRW, CFRW

Job Search Specialist

"Using the many different assessments and tools that ProfilingPro has to offer, I have been able to triple my revenue over the past year. Better yet, the assessments and teleseminars that ProfilingPro has available has allowed me to build my client base, which is mainly done on referrals. I would highly recommend their tools for anyone wanting to grow their business."
Kevin Tucker, M.A.

Credentialed Career and Life Transition Coach / CoachKevinTucker.com

"In 2008 I integrated the use of the ProfilingPro assessments into the packages I offer all of my clients as a way to improve their interviewing skills and as a way to improve the overall understanding of our clients' behavior. It's worked like a charm!"
Lisa Chapman CPRW, Published Resume Writer

Owner - Chapman Services Group, LLC

"I'm absolutely blown away. Thank you so much for allowing me (well actually my husband as my pretend client) to [take the profile]. I'm so excited and see it as a wonderful opportunity to expand my business in new areas. My husband Larry has done a thousand of these things over the years, and I must say was sceptical (or that's skeptical to you!).He's a big Myer Briggs devotee, and as he was reading his report, I just watched his body language change. He turned across to me and said "this is really good you know. I mean REALLY good". Made me really laugh - oh he of so little faith. Haha. Jane, you're a marvel. I feel like it's Christmas I feel so enthusiastic!"
Gayle Howard, CPRW, CRW

Owner - Top Margins Resumes Online

"What stands out to me the most is the level of service you receive from Jane and her staff. Calls and emails are returned promptly. They reach out to check in with you periodically. The team is constantly looking to help you to the next level with your service offerings. In terms of vendor relationships, Jane's is off the charts. They become a partner in your business. I recommend her services completely."
Laurie Berenson, CPRW

Owner - Sterling Career Concepts, LLC

"After meeting Jane at a Resume Writers conference [in 2004] and hearing her wonderful presentation on the DISC assessment, I knew I had to sign up to become an Administrator with ProfilingPro. Not only was DISC an assessment that had many applications for my business (Team Building and Communication Skills Workshops, Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills coaching) but I had heard from others at the conference who were already signed up with ProfilingPro that I would receive best in class service from a team of extremely skilled professionals. I have been an administrator for several years now and the testimonials from existing ProfilingPro Administrators at the conference were all true. Jane is an unbelievable resource who has always supported my business to the fullest and has provided many learning opportunities to get more comfortable with DISC. I look forward to continuing the strong partnership with ProfilingPro as my business continues to grow."
Christine Michaels, Ed.M., M.A.

Career Coach - HR Manager

"What a GREAT TOOL! I loved all of it… The results were definitely BANG ON! I am an ENFJ (Myers Briggs), and this write up [from DISC] described my type to even greater detail… excellent points to include in a résumé or within your interview question responses."
Nicole Miller, CCM, CRW, CECC, JCTC

Business Owner

"I have enjoyed the HUGE financial and informational impact that profiling reports have made in my private practice!! Every single client that has received a DISC profile from me has been extremely pleased with the results … some recognize deficits in their communication style, while others just respond with a jaw drop!! My favorite response is from a gentleman who holds two master’s degrees. He said, “This report that Laurie drew up for me is like my own personal DNA! It really hit the nail on the head for me! Thanks Laurie!”
This is exactly the type of buzz I want associated with my private practice!! As an Authorized DISC Administrator, I am a believer in the endless possibilities now available to my clients. I can’t believe it took me so long to add this resource to my business!! It’s a quick and easy money-making tool that is now standard in every package I offer. The added value is immeasurable; the extra coaching time is a blast!! Thank you to Jane and the fabulous staff at Profiling Pro for empowering me to assist clients in desperate need of this service!!"
Laurie J. James, MCD, CCELW, CDCC

Business Owner

OUR CLIENTS RESPOND:   How do you plan to use the information from your profiling report?
[The behavioral report will be used to] "... target my strengths on a résumé and to enhance my weaker areas."
Addictions Counselor

[I] "will use this information [from the profile] as groundwork for my future."
Sales Manager

"This personality profile will allow me to better evaluate a potential employer's ability to provide the work environment that I am best suited for."
Management Analyst

"I will be able to turn weaknesses to strengths by using the information in the behavioral report."
Automotive Service Manager

[The personality profile report will help me] "improve self-confidence."
Physical Therapy Techician

"Because of the report you provided I will be able to "jump start" into near future plans, to attend further education and to make the transition into a new field ultimately ... [also] improve my communication and ultimately improve relationships - professional and personal."
Office Manager

[The behavioral report will allow me] "to better sell myself in the résumé and job interview process."

"The information from the profile will help me better myself in areas where I might need improvement."
Marketing Intern

"I plan to take the information [computer report] with me when I get an interview."

"This computer report will become part of my portfolio!"

"This computer report is going to be so helpful with my communications with employers and networking outside [my] office. The personal profile was indeed fascinating. I was quite amazed at how closely the profile identified my personality and traits. I find the information helpful dealing with others. I understood how my behavior/ personality may turn off some people and I now can use a different approach."
Office Management Specialist

"Your assessment report has helped me understand how I need to try to change some of the negatives and become more comfortable with myself and my work."
Business / Sales Manager

"You folks [at JaneCo] have helped me re-evaluate my career path."
Sales Manager

"The personal profile was a great asset, in addition to my professional portfolio, to have at my interviews. I am somewhat interview phobic and these tools really helped. They helped build up my confidence during the interview."

"During interviews [with my report] I am better prepared to ask questions and use answers to make wiser decisions regarding selection of employment. I have already used some of the results in a recent end-of-probation review."
Administrative Assitant

"Your computer report will certainly help me to better my attitude in areas that were questionable."
Industrial Electrician

"Based on the confidence of the info from the profile I can better pursue my career."
Department Manager

"Your assessment report will help me in the interview process so the interviewer can learn more about my qualities, traits, and characteristics."
Marketing Manager

"This information will help direct me and give me confidence in the field I plan to enter."
High School Student

"I will try to change the way I am perceived by other people in stressful situations. I found the profile very enlightening. It was done in a relaxing manner. I actually feel better about myself. You have helped me understand how others see me. I have found areas where I need to improve. Thank you!"
Lathe Machinist

"You have really helped in my job search and with understanding myself and accepting others for whom they are."

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