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online assessment account
Online Assessment Account

Your Online Assessment (OA) Account is used to set up assessments, deliver and store reports. Your OA is customized for the automated process and for all reports to display your branded messages, logo, and contact information.

computer reports
Computer Reports You and your clients receive their comprehensive personal reports and gain knowledge for accentuating their strengths and minimizing potential weaknesses. The reports inspire clients to invest in additional services, while referring others to you for the benefits of having their own reports.
24/7 internet access
24/7 Internet Access You have internet access to your OA and Administrator Web Area 24/7. Your clients can take their assessment anytime, while you control when and how long it remains available to them.
Support Whether you're an experienced writer or a brand-new business owner, Jane will answer your questions and share ideas that are working because she is doing just what you are doing -- working with clients who want career satisfaction!
private access
Private Access Web area containing numerous printable marketing flyers, coaching tips & tools, coaching worksheets, press release, training materials, sample reports, sample documents implementing the information from the profiling process and more.
business opportunity
Business Opportunity Additional profit-centers are available through Behavioral Analysis Training / Certifications and Distributorships for members interested in a more in–depth application of the material and concepts.

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Online Assessment Account Set-up

Your Customized Online Assessment (OA) Account is set up within 24 - 48 business hours after we receive your registration.

Your ProfilingPro Administrator password will grant access to marketing flyers, coaching worksheets, practitioners' tips, training materials and more. We will coordinate schedules and meet by phone to learn how to navigate the user-friendly assessment system.

Administer Assessments

Create personal links for your clients' online assessments and automatically receive their unique passwords through your OA.

Provide clients your OA account URL with their passwords to access the process. Your clients will receive all the necessary automated instructions to take their assessments. Within minutes of the assessment completion, their results are scored and processed. All generated reports can be branded with your contact information and logo.

All clients' reports are immediately stored in your OA Account and automatically managed according to your previously selected distribution preference for each client. You have complete control over when, how and who receives your clients' confidential reports.

Opt for assessment completion deadline. Customize your activity alerts to schedule debriefing sessions.

Your clients see only your customized messages throughout their process.

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