DISCover MORE by using DISC Assessments with EVERY Client…
even those who "think" they only need a resume.

  • DISCover MORE about each client
  • DISCover MORE ways to help each client
  • DISCover MORE about yourself
  • DISCover MORE confidence and MORE competence
  • DISCover MORE service offerings and income streams
  • DISCover MORE about how DISC reports support coaching, even if you're NOT a coach.

Are you using DISC assessments with EVERY client? There are different reasons why some colleagues in the careers industry are not: "I'm not a coach" … "I only write resumes" … "I'm not confident explaining the assessment process" … "I don't know how to explain the report" … "I'm afraid my clients will ask a question about the graphs and I'm not sure what they mean" ….

You don't have to be coach … or a CDCC or a CDP to take your clients through their DISC report. All you need to do is find a way to get comfortable with the debriefing process - how to explain the report in the way that each client understands and can digest the material. If you're uncomfortable, perhaps you're winging it. And if you're winging it, it's because you haven't found a debrief approach that makes sense to you - with one that feels natural. If you're comfortable; you'll be confident leading your clients through their report to really ENGAGE. You have an opportunity to find out more about WHO they are and WHAT they want ... and those are the keys to helping them achieve their goals.

They may say "I just want a resume" but look deeper-look beyond that statement. They want more than a resume. They want a job, or a better job, and they are looking to you to help them achieve that. And even if you have always been "just a resume writer" and not a coach, you owe it to yourself-AND your clients-to look beyond providing just a resume.

What's beyond the client's "just a resume" request? It's clients having a want and need to trust you and follow your lead. And you need to build the level of trust that naturally elicits this question from your clients: "What do YOU recommend for me?"

The trust cycle in a client partnership starts with this question your client secretly asks: "Does this person really understand me?" You can demonstrate how you DO genuinely "get" your clients by walking them through their DISC report.

    It's been said that there are four critical factors clients want you to understand - even if you're not a coach. The four factors are:
  • Their past
  • Their present
  • The future they want
  • The obstacles to achieving the future they want

Even if you include intake and information-gathering interviews, and/or worksheets in your process, you may never get a good grasp on those four things. There is a great way to expedite the DISCovery of this information: The DISC report consultation session.

As clients are confidently walked through their DISC report, by using some comfortable, individual variation on the easy process, you will efficiently DISCover more about your clients' past and present job situations as you open the doors of open communications.

By knowing your clients' goals, the DISC report will help you DISCover and discuss any possible obstacles. Once discovered, you can work with your client on proactively addressing those obstacles in preparation of the résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn-PLUS open the door to more coaching, addressing both experience-based and behavioral-based obstacles.

During the DISC report debriefing process, exploring new ideas will lead to information that will enhance all their job search campaign materials and their communication and behavior during interviews and at the new workplace - information you may not have discovered through any other of your processes. Plus, your clients are better prepared for behavioral interviews while improving their communication, teamwork, and leadership skills.

You will have the opportunity to provide more job campaign materials, such as an "interview leave-behind" brochure. You will keep your clients as clients by helping them after job acquisition for fitting in with their new team based on their understanding of how to adapt temporarily for effective communication with others.

You are missing important information and insights, diminishing maximum trust, and overlooking a profit center by omitting DISC assessments and report consultations from your process. By having your clients walked through their assessment report, not only will they be sure that you get them, but YOU will be sure you get them, too.

If you don't feel confident enough yet to do your own DISC debriefing sessions, use your benefit of contracting with me, ProfilingPro's Certified DISC Virtual Coach, Soozy Miller.

I will either coach you to coach your clients or I will work directly with your clients as your "coaching partner." You will DISCover an approach that will make your clients say, "WOW! She gets me!"