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Behavioral Profiling

Time-Tested, Validated, Reliable

Validated Assessment Tools for:

Résumé Writers

Career Coaches

Interview Coaches

Job Search Specialist

Business Owners


Behavioral Profiling dramatically reduces the client discovery process. With Behavioral Profiling, more can be learned about a client in 15 minutes than could be learned over an entire year.

DISC Online Assessments

An add-on for your client toolkit that will help your clients
AND increase your income potential.


These validated assessment tools identify the style of behavior of your clients and how it influences their daily interactions.


An Introduction to DISC - A Résumé Writer’s Best Friend!


Understanding and adapting their behavior will assist your clients in identifying and improving their interpersonal skills AND their interviewing performance.


After reading our information and/or making contact with us, if you’re still not ready to join our ProfilingPro team, we encourage you to see it in action by taking our eCourse:


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